I am a senior graphic design student poised to graduate this May (2024) from Southern Connecticut State University. My journey in graphic design is driven by a passion for creative problem-solving and an unquenchable thirst for connection. With a specialization in brand identity design and marketing, I try to bring a unique blend of precision and creativity to every project. My professional experience, however, extends beyond these realms. I have a significant background in social media design and management, where I craft visually engaging content and strategies that resonate on digital platforms. My skills are also deeply rooted in web and print design, allowing me to offer versatile and comprehensive solutions.
Throughout my academic and professional experiences, I have honed a robust skill set in various design software and methodologies. This, coupled with my ability to think outside the box, empowers me to create designs that are not only visually compelling but also effective. Whether crafting a unique brand identity, managing and designing for social media platforms, devising an engaging marketing campaign, or developing an eye-catching website, I aims to deliver aesthetically outstanding designs and connect meaningfully with the audience.
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