In the heart of Paris, where art and cuisine collide, Le Chef-d'œuvre Culinaire emerges as not just a restaurant but as a celebration of French cuisine, reimagined for the modern palate.
Le Chef-d'œuvre Culinaire was born from a deep love for French cuisine and a desire to revolutionize tradition. We've taken the classic French pub and elevated it to new heights, by merging sophistication with playfulness. We believe that even comfort food can be art, and every dish is a masterpiece in its own right.
● Logo Design
● Brand Identity Design
● Menu & Packaging Design
 Web Design
The restaurant has three different logo variations to correlate with the three unique dinning experiences that the restaurant has to offer. One for the table tasting room/menu, incorporating a simple fork into the primary logos flur-de-lis symbol. The second, displaying the more classic symbol for the prix fixe menu and traditional dining room. Lastly, one for the bar room incorporating a champaign glass. 
Concluding the Chef-d’œuvre Culinaire branding, I compiled a comprehensive brand guide that serves as a resource for all aspects of the brand identity. This guide encapsulates every vital element, including brand assets, detailed information, and specific limitations such as sizing, color usage, and spacing. It offers a set of clear and concise guidelines, ensuring consistency to uphold the brand’s image. In addition to style directives, the brand guide features examples of menus, web designs, packaging, and collateral, providing a roadmap for future designs.

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